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Meaningful Work Kit title

A career assessment tool to help you understand and prioritize what makes you thrive.

Developed by Stanford Career Education


The Meaningful Work Kit (MWK) is an experiential and practical tool that will give you concrete information you can use to understand and tell your story. Knowing what matters to you is an important step toward identifying your priorities. The MWK focuses on your core values, your work culture preferences, and skills you enjoy using. This assessment tool includes directions, follow-up questions, and a downloadable results sheet.

In using the tool, you will gain meaningful insights and increase your self-understanding. Additionally, it is a helpful tool for career and life decision making. Consider talking over your results with a career coach, a trusted advisor, or a friend to help you process what you are discovering along your career journey.

There are a variety of ways to use the online version of the MWK and it is adaptable to many settings. This tool can be used individually and works well for workshops or programs. For tips on using the MWK with groups, download the Facilitation Guide for Leading Groups.

About Us

The Meaningful Work Kit (MWK) was first developed as a hard copy card sort at Stanford University in 2019. It was created to use with college students and as use grew, we found that it has also been helpful for many additional populations—from younger students to learners of any age. Stanford Career Education is providing this tool to the general public for anyone to use to learn more about themselves and what is important to them in a career and in life. We hope you find it useful.

—Laura, Margot, Amy, and Xuan


Developed by Laura Dominguez Chan and Margot Gilliland
Design by Amy Brierley
Technical Development by Xuan Wu (Xinspire)

For ensuring the MWK vision continues, a special thank you to James J. Tarbox. For all the support and feedback from many colleagues and leaders at Stanford University—Thank you!